Let’s Talk!

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Perhaps you’ve seen the New York Post essay making the rounds. It’s entitled “Why I’ll Never Join Your Stupid Book Club.” I’m not going to link it, because its fifteen minutes of fame should be over. Here’s what you need to know: 1. The author had attended a book club…

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Oliver Belmont and … Jazz?

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What does a Gilded-Age millionaire have in common with the Newport Jazz Festival? Bear with me … In 1891, Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont was a thirty-two-year-old divorced socialite who wanted to build a summer home in Newport. He hadn’t really accomplished much. He’d attended the United States Naval Academy, resigning…

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The Real Liriodendron

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I’ve enjoyed meeting readers through various interviews and book events these past two weeks. Having the opportunity to discuss NEWPORT is a real perk. Often, readers point out aspects of the novel that I’d never considered, and it’s fun to realize that they’re absolutely right. I’ve been asked one particular…

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NEWPORT has been out in the world for a week now, and the last seven days have been busy. I won’t bore anyone with the details, but let’s just say that I was ridiculously optimistic (or totally naive) in thinking I’d be able to produce a viable blog post for…

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Hello and Goodbye

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Happy Launch Day to me, Happy Launch Day to me … sung to the tune of … well, you can guess. Think cake. Think candles. Think best wishes for this next year, because as of today, Newport is officially out there in the world, figuratively “born.” But, wait. What’s that other piece…

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