Spring 1921. The Great War is over, Prohibition is in full swing, the Depression still years away, and Newport, Rhode Island’s glittering “summer cottages” are inhabited by the gloriously rich families who built them.

Attorney Adrian de la Noye is no stranger to Newport, having sheltered there during his misspent youth. Though he’d prefer to forget the place, he returns to revise the will of a well-heeled client. Bennett Chapman’s offspring have the usual concerns about their father’s much-younger fiancée. But when they learn of the old widower’s firm belief that his late first wife, who “communicates” via séance, has chosen the beautiful Catharine Walsh for him, they’re shocked. And for Adrian, encountering Catharine in the last place he saw her decades ago proves to be a far greater surprise.

De la Noye is here to handle a will, and he fully intends to do so—just as soon as he unearths every last secret, otherworldly or not, about the Chapmans, Catharine Walsh . . . and his own very fraught history.

A skillful alchemy of social satire, dark humor, and finely drawn characters, Newport vividly brings to life the glitzy era of the 1920s.


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4 Responses to Newport

  1. […] over to the other side? Have you ever felt like a deceased loved one is trying to contact you? In Newport, the latest novel by Jill Morrow, the door between the world of mortals and the world of spirits is […]

  2. Jill Morrow says:

    Thank you so much for such a fun review, Sally! I look forward to sharing this tomorrow. (I hope your writing is going well!)

  3. Sandy says:


    I just ordered Newport. I loved Angel Cafe and the Open Channel. Can’t wait to get started reading Newport!

  4. Jill Morrow says:

    Thank you, Sandy — for visiting my website, your kind words, and reading my books! I truly appreciate it. I hope you like NEWPORT!

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