My daughter’s wedding is approaching, which means we’re in the midst of tying up loose ends that rely on other loose ends that can’t be determined until a completely different set of loose ends is resolved. Some tasks, at least, are more straightforward. We needed signage to guide guests from the curb to the backyard where the ceremony will be held. Nothing complicated, just simple directions. So we ordered a pack of “Wedding” directional arrows and moved on.

Then the signs arrived:

“Weeding.” Like that’s even a thing. Like anyone would ever need a sign to direct people to come on back for the big weeding gala they’d planned for the neighborhood to enjoy.

I considered keeping these signs just because they made me laugh so hard but, in the end, I shipped them back to Amazon-land from whence they’d come.

I can’t stop thinking about them, though. Is the company hoping that nobody will notice? Wait. What if some people DON’T notice. After all, the eye often “sees” what it expects to see, especially during busy, stressful situations. How many bridal couples have slammed these signs into the ground with barely a glance before rushing to take care of a more urgent detail?

Buyer beware: there’s probably a huge warehouse someplace filled with thousands of these mistakes just waiting for an unsuspecting home.

We all make mistakes. In the best of circumstances, we catch the glitch and fix it before anyone notices. In some cases, the “wrong” turns out to be better than the “right,” a choice we never would have stumbled upon if we hadn’t taken an unexpected turn. Sometimes we have no choice but to power through no matter what we’ve done, because the mistake has punted us onto an entirely different path with no way to go back. And, unfortunately, sometimes other people do end up paying for the mistakes we make (with no option to ship back returns).

I’m thinking that in this case, the sign company is leaning heavily on the second option and hoping that the world will catch up enough to make their goof look more visionary than inept. If that’s the case and you find yourself planning an international weeding festival or a more intimate afternoon weeding tea, these guys have you covered.

Just make sure to act fast before “welding” becomes the next big thing.